Episode 26

LiverKing Falls From Grace

Published on: 6th December, 2022

LiverKing Falls From Grace

Not that anyone was surprised the so-called Liverking was using steroids. But he fooled many people that his diet and intense training led to this frame. The diet he recommended was some form of an "ancestral" diet. We have covered the carnivore-type diet before. So how did this all happen?

The Rise of LiverKing

LiverKing's rise was meteoric. He began posting on Instagram in 2021 and now has almost 2 million followers.

His trademark was showing off his abdominal muscles on his five-foot-five-inch frame. All the time advocating eating raw liver.

Isn't that a hook? Eat raw liver, get abdominal muscles, and look like him.

But his rise was anything but an accident.

Powering up the Media

In his emails, he whines about how he wants to build his following but was concerned that the steroids he had were not enough. So he was begging for help from someone in the UK. He was taking thousands of dollars of steroids a month.

His plan? Getting over a million followers and selling supplements.

He had a "live-in" video recorder to follow his antics.

Guess who his partner was in supplements?

The Supplement Industry

How do most scam artists in the medical field make money? Selling supplements. Be that Joseph Mercola, or Mark Hyman, or Ken Berry. All people who make millions a year selling supplements.

So what to do if you are trained in psychiatry but don't want to see people? You sell supplements. So the business partner is one Dr. Paul Saldino - aka Carnivore MD.

Since the revelation about Brian Johnson's (LiverKing) steroid use Saldino said he would have to distance himself from him. Good friend, eh? That is a business decision. If you are a friend of mine and have a fall from grace, I will be at your door to help, not distance.

This was pure theater and pure business - well, not so pure.

Supplements can kill.

But so can their diet.

The Diet They Don't Eat

Make a following eating raw liver. Yell at the dinner table about how raw liver is good for you. Makes great content for your videos. Eating raw liver can kill you.

Carnivores and extreme keto types always like pointing to hunter-gatherer societies for optimal "primal health." But my cousins in Alaska don't eat liver.

There is enough vitamin A in polar bear's liver to kill 52 people. But the biggest outbreak of trichinellosis in the United States came from eating grizzly bear liver.

Wait, can I get sick from too much Vitamin A?

Vitamin A toxicity symptoms include drowsiness, irritability, abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. Then you lose your hair; then your skin starts to peel. Not to mention it can damage your liver - ironic, eh?

The tolerable limit of vitamin A is 10,000 units a day. Beef liver has 15,000 units in 3 ounces.

But LiverKing didn't eat liver in real life. What did he eat?

The Maple Syrup and Hormone Diet

LiverKing ate 120 grams of maple syrup, 50 grams of dextrose, and ONLY 2 ounces of red meat a day.

Why - he was taking insulin and needed to take a lot of sugar.

He said he was super strict, working out - and his emails had his diet. Almost none of it was organ meat. He was specific and precise.


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